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    Contact person: Ms. Lily Qu
    Tel: +86-731-55599916
    Fax: +86-731-55599906
    Mobile phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-18673110460
    Email: quwei@mwpump.com
    Skype: lilyqu89
    Address: Cross road of Baishi(W.) road and Baoshui Road,
    Jiuhua Industrial Zone, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China.
Full Service

1、Strictly comply with contract requirements to provide qualified products as per design standard;

2、Strictly check the quality of outsourcing raw materials, components and accessories;

3、Provide all technical materials and drawing to the buyer in time. Invite the buyer to attend the technical design review if necessary;

4、Enhance pre & after sale services, execute our service principle as “24 hours service, advance, whole course , life-long services” in all chains of manufacture, installation, commissioning and overhaul;

5、Offer life-long maintenance to our equipments for free. We established detailed database for all of our clients, which guides our personnel to maintain equipments and brings solution for potentially emerging breakdowns;

6、Satisfy the buyer’s needs for spare part &components and Offer clients with best quality at competitive prices;