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2019 Global Biomass Energy Innovation Development Summit Forum


2019 Global Biomass Energy Innovation Development Summit Forum

In the context of the global energy cleanup transformation,as an important renewable energy source, biomass energy is receiving moreattention and being widely promoted on a global scale.

In order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation betweenChina and the international biomass energy industry and establish amultilateral international cooperation mechanism for biomass energy industry,the first global biomass energy innovation development summit forum will beheld in Beijing Langlizi Xishan from November 6th to 8th, 2019. The GardenHotel was grandly held. The theme of this summit forum is “Building thefoundation of ecological civilization and taking the road of greendevelopment”. The forum is jointly sponsored by the International Energy Agencyand the China Industrial Development Promotion Association, and organized bythe Biomass Industry Promotion Association.

As a high end industry forum with a strong authority, internationalization andprofessionalism in China's biomass energy field, the organizers invited dozensof government agencies, research institutes, industry organizations, leading companies and well known experts from around the world to attend andparticipate. Conduct a keynote speech.

The conference has a main forum (2019 Global BiomassEnergy Innovation Development Summit Forum) and “Biomass Clean and HeatingCounty Mayor Forum”, “Organic Solid Waste Energy Utilization High QualityDevelopment Forum” and “Bio oil Sustainability Development Forum” After threesubforums, it will also be awarded the top ten enterprises in the agriculturaland forestry biomass power generation and the top ten enterprises in wasteincineration power generation. More than 50 mainstream media at home and abroadwill be present and news reports or live broadcasts will be held at theconference site. At the same time, in order to learn from European policy andtechnology advantages, we will develop China's bionatural gas industry fasterand better. The Forum will hold “Biomass Energy Technology and EquipmentExhibition” and “International BioGas Engineering Construction and Operation Management Advanced Seminar”. The training event invited experts from relevantinternational biogas industry experts and representatives of relevantenvironmental technology companies to give special lectures to provideparticipants with an in depth understanding of international biogas developmentpolicies and technical advantages and face-to-face discussions and exchangeswith international counterparts.

As the mostrespected system service provider in the field of fluid energy conservation,M&W 果group has been deeply engaged in the power industry and provides thepower industry with the equipment (circulating pumps, special pumps) requiredfor the process. This Shanshui Energy Conservation was invited to participatein the 2019 Global Biomass Innovation and Development Summit IndustryConference and showcased its products and services.