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Fire drills of M&W pump


                                  Fire drills

Strengthen the concept of safety development,enhance the safety awareness of all employees

Accident,A steel plant in handan, hebei caught fire, killing 7 people.

According tothe emergency management department of hebei province, 7 people were killedwhen a fire broke out in the sintering workshop of a steel plant in handan at3:30 PM on October 24, 2019.

For employees toimprove fire awareness, understand the emergency rescue management system andthe emergency rescue organization, the company specially carried out the actualfire fighting drill on the afternoon of October 24th. Drilling for foundry gasleakage accident, let employees learn about safe disposal, first aid, emergencyevacuation, emergency flood protection knowledge, do something don't panic,coping with the purpose of, can protect themselves, at the same time improvethe company staff to the general production accident processing experience,validation to improve the emergency rescue plans for the company.

Before the drill, carry outsafety education and learn the drill plan of emergency rescue plan. In order toensure rapid, orderly and effective emergency response ability, all members ofthe company's emergency rescue headquarters, members of professional rescueteams and employees should carefully learn the content of the plan and clarifytheir responsibilities at the rescue site. To the surrounding staff should beinformed of the hazards of dangerous substances and safety measures. Make clearthe possible safety accident scenarios and the emergency responsibilities ofdifferent personnel.

After theend of the fire drill, the emergency team of our company can earnestly carryout the duties specified in the drill plan, be loyal to their duties, strictlymeet the requirements, ensure safety, quickly guide, and complete the specifiedtasks without fail. Emergency r evacuation personnel can also put the drillwhen actual combat, high vigilance, mutual help, rapid evacuation, orderly, agood guarantee of the successful completion of the exercise.