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Detailed Shows

Team building activity of marketing department


In order to promote teamwork and strengthen team cohesion, the marketing department organized a one-and-a-half-day team building event in Pingyang, Yueyang on August 23rd to August 24th.

After more than 4 hours by car, we arrived at the hotel and enjoy  Pingjiang flavor dinner.

After dinner, we attended the bonfire partyin the scenic spot. everyone sang and danced, have a nice evening.

On the morning of the 24th, we came to the foot of Shi Niuzhai mountain. Mountaineering is a self-challenge and a perseverance.

After lunch, I went to the "stimulated" Tuolongxia rafting, bursting into screams and laughing loudly along the way!

The team building activities has ended successfully, but our dreams are still going on. The colleagues in the marketing department work together to creat a more brilliant future.