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M&W pump was approved by the sixth batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises in Changsha


In order to further accelerate the city's intelligent manufacturingwork, promote product transformation and upgrading, and implement the"Three-Year Action Plan for Changsha Construction National IntelligentManufacturing Center (2018-2020)" on August 28, 2019, the General Officeof the People's Government of Changsha issued "about Announced the noticeof the sixth batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises in Changsha,and announced the sixth batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises.The “Blast Furnace Circulating Water Energy Saving Expert Support SystemProject” submitted by Hunan M&w pump Co., Ltd was successfully selected.

As a powerful economic enterpriseintegrating R&D, production, sales and service, M&W pump focuses onindependent innovation and ability improvement, and strives to build its ownbrand and core competitiveness.

Theblast furnace circulating water energy-saving expert support system project isguided by the company's exclusive MOAR system energy-saving theoreticalframework. It is based on the principle of heat and mass transfer process,combined with metallurgical process, and uses computer simulation, Internet ofThings and industrial big data analysis. Advanced technologies such asvisualization, establishment of blast furnace circulating water expert supportsoftware and hardware systems through informationization, automation andintelligent means, using data statistics analysis and information monitoring,analysis, management and control means to ensure the production process line issafe and stable. Under the premise of long-term service, the energy-savingeffect is continuously improved and maximized.

Intelligentmanufacturing is the future development trend of the manufacturing industry andthe direction of upgrading and transformation. Its application in the realeconomy can promote the improvement of manufacturing efficiency, encourageenterprises to nurture new business models, and enable enterprises to havesustainable operation ability in market competition. And stronger businessvitality. With the opportunity of this selection, our company will continue tobuild innovative capabilities in an information environment and strive tobecome the company's mission to become the most respected system serviceprovider in the field of fluid energy conservation.