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New staff meeting of Q1


                                                   New staff meeting of Q1

Cold winter has passed, the earth returnsto spring, the new journey horn has sounded. In order to fully mobilize theenthusiasm, initiative and creativity of new employees, enable them tointegrate into the team more quickly and enhance the sense of belonging,President Office, labor union and manufacturing department of the group jointlyheld the first new employee symposium in 2019 on August, 2019.3.8. Mr.Fu,deputy general manager, Mr. Long, HR supervisor and union representative Mr. Wenattended the symposium and had face-to-face communication with 21 newemployees.

This symposium was held in the form of arelaxed and active tea party. Everyone spoke actively and the atmosphere washarmonious. Now the symposium is divided into four parts, namely, new employeeorientation sharing, union representative sharing, leader answering questions,leader's message and group photo taking. On the way of the meeting, Mr. Fu and Mr.Long expressed their satisfaction for their quick integration into the team andwork, and put forward their hopes and messages:

Firstly, under the guidance of theenterprise culture of "integrity, diligence, responsibility andprogress", we will actively integrate into the new team and contribute tothe development of the M&W family.

Secondly, adapt to the environment, andhave a certain "psychological tolerance". As a new person to implanta new environment, to abandon external interference, always maintain their ownmentality.

Thirdly, "curiosity" and"heart of knowledge". Always work with a heart of curiosity andknowledge, the you will be good at using the existing library and tutoring.

Fourthly, participate in training. Afterunderstanding the whole work of the company, you will have a betterunderstanding of your work and key points from all aspects.

No.5, new employees are expected to keepexploring and discovering with questions and confusions, and adjust their eyesto appreciate the work and the company.

No.6, Personal goals. Personal developmentover time, not what individuals have done in the past, but what we can do now,is whether we can adhere to. When the goal set, toward the goal to work, willbe successful.

This symposium provides an opportunity fornew employees and leaders to have close communication. It not only enhancesmutual understanding, but also stimulates the enthusiasm of new employees,enhances the cohesion of the enterprise, makes new employees confident about theirfuture career development, and lays a strong foundation for M&W EnergySaving Group to make its efforts and become stronger.