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New product new technology:ZXS strong self - priming high efficiency energy saving split case pump



At present, the domestic and foreign use of the splitdouble-suction centrifugal pump needs to be equipped with a vacuum pump todrain the air inside the pump, or to install the pump below the liquid level,and to start the pump work by water refilling. The vacuum pump device occupiesthe area of the pump room and there will be media retention in the vacuumpumping. Especially when pumping toxic and polluting unclean media, the vacuumpump device cannot be used; and the water backflow start requires a largeamount of civil construction, and both are expensive. Our company's leadingproduct ZXS strong self-priming high efficiency and energy saving split case pumpperfect solution to the above problems.ZXS strong self-priming high efficiency energy saving pump,when the pump is started, it has the features of automatic suction, exhaust andwater diversion, no need of irrigation, no need of extra configuration ofvacuum pump, no need of bottom valve, short self-suction time, simple structureand so on.The high-efficiency and energy-saving splitcase pump is the pump type optimized by our company after introducinginternational hydraulic model and adopting current advanced ternary flow designtheory, computer fluid simulation technology (CFD) and computer finite elementanalysis technology (CAE), which has prominent characteristics of highefficiency, low cavitation and reliable operation.

Mainperformance parameters

Pump inlet diameter     DN:  80~500mm

Capacity                        Q: 22~5500m3/h

Head                             H:  7~300m

Gas displacement          Qp0.5m3/min-2.5m3/min

Self - priming lift         7m

Solid content               ≤80mg/Ling:1px'>≤7m

Working pressure      ≤5Mpaml>ing:1px'>≤7m

working principle

Strong self-priming pump: It consists of high-efficiencywater pump, electromagnetic clutch, transmission component, piston component,exhaust system, pump outlet pressure sensor and automatic control system.The electromagnetic clutch connects the main shaft of thehigh efficiency water pump with the driving partsthe piston parts drive the pump to vacuum, and the extractedsteam-water mixture is separated by the exhaust system The gas isconcentratedly discharged or recovered, and the liquid is discharged into thepump inlet through the solenoid valve control. When the automatic controlsystem outputs the pressure sensor signal according to the exhaust system waterlevel sensor signal and the outlet pressure sensor signal, respectively, theair separation of the exhaust system and the clutch of the electromagneticclutch are controlled, and the self-priming device is automaticallydisconnected after the start is normal. The exhaust system water level controlsolenoid valve is detected, and the outlet pressure control electromagneticclutch is detected. Automatically control the pump to automatically disconnectthe power after starting.

Structure Features

Simple structure, energy saving, mature technology andeasy operation

When the pump starts, there is no need to fill the water,no need for vacuum pump and the bottom valve, automatically complete thepumping water.

Easy to install and use, insert the pump suction pipe intothe water surface

Pump start can be started manually or intelligently,one-button operation, press the button to start the pump

Suction and exhaust system and pump share the main shaft,no additional shaft power, automatic intelligent complete stop suction work

No pump to transport media, no pollution to the outsideworld, safe and environmentally friendly

No pump to transport media, no pollution to the outsideworld, safe and environmentally friendly

The excellenthydraulic model is used, the efficiency is 2-3% higher than that of the sametype of pump, which greatly reduces the running cost of the pump.

Application and service

Strong selfpriming device can be usded in electric power,municipal, water conservancy, petrochemical, paper, steel, desalination.

Temporary water pumping stations such as emergency and droughtrelief, pumps equipped with strong selfpriming devices only need to insert thepump suction pipe into the water, and the pump can automatically divert water.

When conveying flammable and toxic media, and the liquidlevel is lower than the pump installation layer, there is no discharge in thediversion stage, and there is no pollution to the outside.

Outdoor fire emergency water pump with strong self-primingdevice, no need for other auxiliary vacuum pump, pump can self-extract andself-suction water, convenient and efficient

All need to suction or vacuum to start the pump occasions