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M&W Pump Mass Customization


Mass customization is a combination of enterprise, customer, supplier,employee and environment. Make full use of the existing resources of thecompany, with the support of standard technology, modern design methods, informationtechnology and advanced manufacturing technology, according to the individualneeds of customers, provide customized products with low cost, high quality andefficiency in mass production. And the way the service is produced.

The value of mass customization

1. Accurately obtain customer demand and reduce customer search costs.

2.Customize services around standardized products andservices

3.Create customizable products and services to meet customers' customized needs.

4.Provides rapid response throughout the value chain, ensuring that corporate profit maximization is consistent with customer maximization.

Our mass customization implementation

1.Improve order accuracy through personalized, rapid response to marketing.

Userscan use the intelligent selection platform developed by our company, inputparameters to select product models and view basic information such as productperformance curve and installation dimension map. Users can chooseindividualized requirements, and then view the product configuration price andafter-sales repair after authorization. . Quickly respond to user needs.

2.Improve product performance and reach theleading level in the industry.

CFDsimulation analysis and structural optimization during product design provideusers with high efficiency, high reliability, simple structure, low cost,convenient processing and maintenance.

3.Improve product batch production capacityand increase parts usage.

Clean non-standard parts and design according to standard parts to reduce non-standard parts. At the same time, by classifying the structure, use, size and processing technology of various products and parts, we can find a similar"product family". The three-dimensional drawings are all drawn, thesimulation assembly is realized, the engineering drawings are generated, thePDM system is re-entered, and the parts database is improved.

4.Through the networking of production organization and management, the modularization of product design is improved,thereby achieving specialized production of products.

Through the adjustment of the production organization structure of the enterprise, the advanced production management method is adopted, the dynamic network type organization mode is established, the flexible manufacturing of the enterpriseis realized, and the specialized production of the product is realized throug hthe establishment of the transparent factory.

5.Customize the final product and service through component modularization to fully fit the market.

Achieve the lowest cost and highest personalization through a variety of ways, such as modularization of shared components, modularization of interchangeable components, modularization of modulars, hybrid modularization, modular bus, andmodular modularity. Integrate upstream suppliers in the pump industry to establish efficient supply chain and production process management. Complete modularization of design, production and processing through the network.

6.Through IE management and processinnovation.

Improvethe CNC machining process and tooling of the pump body, and realize the production of CNC machining line for the pump body of ordinary material below350mm. Develop other small counting and control line processing such as spindles and impellers to improve work efficiency to achieve large-scale production and ensure stable output of product quality.

7.Improve the production system and increasethe rate of quasi-intersection.

Improvethe production process and plan system to achieve balanced production andeconomic mass production; accurately estimate the production capacity andproduction cycle through the ERP system; accurately release the productionoperation plan, clear the daily settlement, and promptly and quickly handleabnormal situations.