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M&W Develop New Centrifugal Pump-KT Series


M&W Develop New  Centrifugal Pump-KT Series

Product general

KTseries is our new kind of centrifugal pump which impeller could be adjustedduring operation status. It is developed for the end of water circulationsystem to meet its requirement of supply accurate water volume during differentconditions.

It fundamentally solved theproblem of dropping efficiency of pump which caused by adopting frequencyconverter or other speed control method to adjust pump capacity as well as theproblem of energy loss caused by the adjusted pump capacity by valves, that’sto say, it is a revolutionary product.

Product patent

Main performance parameters

Pump outlet diameter          Dn200-1000mm

Capacity                       Q400-20000m3/h

Head                           H40-250m

Working temperature            T-20°-60°

Working pressure               5Mpa

Fluid                          clean water, industrialcirculating water


Adjustcapacity according to different working conditions at site and no need to shutdown pump.

Adjustcapacity according to the feedback of water consumption in real time whichtruly achieve artificial intelligence.

Idealperformance of adjusting

Wideadjustable range: could be adjusted within ± 20% based on original workingpoint

Wideefficient range: performance curve could match with pipeline requirement and efficiencyis higher than any known adjustment method in overall.

Generalstructure, reliable operation

Installationsize is same as common pump, rotor can be interchangeable with common pump.

Itcan be realized of serialization and customization based on mature pump model

Noaffect to motor performance, therefore no need to make any changes to motor orpower network.