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Detailed Shows
TypeCapacity (m³/h)Head (m)Speed (r/min)shaft power (kw)Motor power (kw)EFF(%)NPSH(m)

Diameter of pump outlet: DN80 to DN900
Pump Capacity: Q: 22-16236m3/h
Pump lift head range: H:7-300m
Pump working pressure: P≤5Mpa
Pump working temperature: T-20-200deg C
Pump working voltage: 380V to 10000V, 50Hz & 60Hz

Product Introduction:

XS type pump is a new generation of high efficiency single stage double suction centrifugal pumps which mainly used in delivering liquids of the water plant, air conditioner circulation water, heating pipe network system, building water supply, irrigation and drainage of pump stations, power plants, industrial water supply system, fire fighting system, shipping industry and mine. It is a new substitute of SH, S, SA, SLA and SAP.

Structural Features:

Inlet and outlet at the same line,the same rotor of the XS pumps can be operated in reverse direction,the XS pumps works stably with less noise and vibration and can work at raising speed due to short spacing between both side support, which make the pumps can be widely used. The XS pumps adopt the way of middle support, thicken the pump casing, and use cooling seals and oil lubrication bearing which make XS pump suitable working at 200ºC,especially for supply heating net system. XS type pumps can be vertically  or horizontally mounted according to different working condition, with mechanical seals or packing seals.