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XBD Type Pump

A new generation product integrated with the latest technology. Fully compliance with US fire association NFPA20 standard, suitable for fire control system at home and abroad.Features: New and reasonable structure, wide high-efficiency area, good cavitation performance, stable operation and easy maintenance.

Performance range:
Pump outlet diameter:80-350mm
Capacity: 500-5000usgpm
Head: 0.2-5.0Mpa
Suction depth: 3.0m
Model instruction: E. G. XBD(L)1.2/500-SDS
XBD(L)-- XBD refers to Horizontal low-pressure fire pump, XBDL refers to vertical low-pressure fire pump
1.2--refers to rated pressure 1.2 Mpa
500--refers to rated capacity 500usgpm
SDS--refers to pump structure for horizontal single stage double suction split centrifugal pump